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Summer Village of Parkland Beach

Meeting Dates

2016 Regular council meetings have been changed to every second Monday of the month and the meeting time is changed to 1:00 PM.  Should the Monday fall on a statutory holiday the meeting will be held on the next available business day.



PLEASE NOTE:  THE REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING scheduled for Monday, December 12th has been changed to Thursday, December 15th starting at 1:00 p.m. at the Summer Village Office.


Petition and Declaration on Sufficiency of Petition

Ocotber 26, 2016 a Petition was submitted to the Chief Administrative Officer for the Summer Village of Parkland Beach.

Read more here

The Chief Administrative Officer along with legal counsel for the Summer Village have reviewed the petition as submitted.  A Declaration on Sufficiency of Petition Report was submitted to Council, Monday, November 14, 2016 thereby meeting the 30 day requirement pursuant to Section 226 of the Municipal Government Act.

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Members for the Steering Committee were selected by Council October 11, 2016.  The first meeting of the Steering Committee was held Saturday, November 5th to begin the initial review of Land Use Bylaw 2007-01 and will continue to be ongoing until a first draft has been completed and given first reading.  Public Hearing for property owners is tentatively scheduled for March 18, 2017 where property owners will have the opportunity to review and speak to concerns.  There will be other opportunities for public engagement before the 2017 Land Use Bylaw is given third and final reading.  Please review the information here as it becomes available.

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2016 Civic Addressing Project

Update to this project.  A full review of all properties has been undertaken to determine signage needs, need to trim vegetation from around signs, etc.  This project will be ongoing as time allows for Administration to move forward.  You may soon receive notification regarding your property and steps needed to bring your civic addressing into compliance. 


Vacation Hours

The Municipal Office will be closed from December 16th to December 31st, 2016 and January 2nd, 2017.


The Latest

Septic Smart: Solutions for Rural Living

Download the informational PDF.


Animal Control Issues

The Village receives many verbal complaints about dogs barking, running at large and dog poop being left on the ground by dog owners.  Please consider others when you are out walking your dog and pick up after your pet.  Community Peace Officers are authorized under the Animal Control Bylaw to carry out enforcement measures including issuing Municipal Violation Tickets.

If you would like to lodge a complaint and can identify an owner, a formal "municipal enforcement complaint form" can be found on the Enforcement page of this website.


Did you know?

The Village will issue official tax receipts for donations.  Contact the office for more information.



The Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) sits to hear appeals regarding any developments within the Village including stop orders.  Members are selected through application from the general public and reviewed and determined through Council.

The Weed Control Appeal Board (WCAB) sits to hear appeal submissions regarding notices issued to property owners for prohibited noxious and noxious weeds.  This process of Weed Inspection as required by law is administered on behalf of the Summer Vilage by Ponoka County.

There is no set schedule for these hearings as they are set based on submitted appeals and the timelines required for each appeal hearing.

Hearings are open to the public and you may find one in your area that you can attend to see how the process works.


Gull Lake Water Quality Management Society Aquifer Mapping Project

Read about the project here


Friends of the Lakefront seeking volunteers

Are you interested in assisting in the fundraising activities to further the beach improvements?

Read more about the group, the plan and the project status


Gull Lake Stabilization Project

GL_Stabilization_pumphouse     GL_Stabilization_pumps

Channel_to_lake     Channel_to_lake2

The agreement between the four lakefront municipalities has been signed.

Although no pumping was done in 2012/13 the funds will go into a pool that will be used in future years if the cost to pump exceeds $100,000 or equipment needs upgrading.

No more than two years worth of funds will be held for the years we do not pump (less standby power/repair costs).  Any further costs will not be invoiced out unless we pump in that current year.

The Summer Village of Parkland Beach is responsible for 7.5% of the cost to pump, up to $100,000.  That computes to $7500 a year for us.



Parkland Beach documents contained in this system are for information purposes only. To verify the accuracy and currency of this information please contact the Administration Office at (403) 843-2055.

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