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Noxious Weeds

The Provincial Government has passed a new Weed Control Act.  Council and Administration have passed a new Bylaw to conform to the new Act. 

The Gull Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan includes chemical and fertilizer use restrictions as well.  We are working to provide some information and direction for using these products within the Village as well as how these products can effect groundwater and the lake.

For more information and to assist you with choosing plants for your property, go to the Alberta Invasive Plant Council website or click here.


Slow/Low Growth Lawn Seed

When the new Aspen Rise subdivision was created the Developer used a low growth formula to seed the area.  Any disturbance of road allowances, pathways or municipal property needs to be re-seeded with this formula. 

If you would like to use this same formula on your property, here is the recipe.

35% Sheep Fescue

35% Hard Fescue

20% Canada Bluegrass

10% Perennial Ryegrass (cover crop)

Seeding rate is 35kgs per hectre, however for a good take best to bump this up to 50kgs per hectre.

Printable Version pdf


Emergency Management

The Summer Village has now completed required training for and received the final version of the Regional Emergency Management Plan to be implemented in time of large event emergencies.

Keith Nesbitt is our local Emergency Management Director as well as other members of Council and Staff who would assist in times of such an emergency. 

Do you have a plan in place that would make it easier to evacuate in a hurry or keep you safe and sound until services can be restored?

We have provided you with some examples and a link to more information below.

Please take the time to consider such a plan, as in times of emergency, things may not go as you expect and being prepared will make such an adventure easier to take.

72 Hour Emergency Kits

While emergency responders and governments of all levels will respond as best they can, in many cases they cannot get to everyone immediately or other people are in more dire straights and require help ahead of you.  Whether it is a temporary power outage or a widespread disaster, a 72 hour kit for your family may make you more comfortable or even save a life.

While there are many lists for 72 hour kits and kits are for sale, many people are intimidated by the costs and bulk of a kit and uncertainty as to what is really necessary.  Many items are already in your home and you don't need to purchase duplicates.  Just put them together in a bag!  Here are a list of absoute necessities and a few good ideas for extras.

72 Hour Emergency Kit - pdf

For more suggestions, thoughts and advice click here


Snow Removal

If you require snow removal services please contact one of the contrators below.

Wayne Deschamp - 403-843-6198

Claire Allan - 403-843-3698

Mel Gorday - 403-843-3464

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