February 1, 2021

The Parkland Beach Marina Association has orchestrated the current work being performed. On February 1st, Northside Construction began dredging south of the marina at the public beach area to accommodate deeper water recreational activities. This will be approximately 30m x 45m, up to a depth of 1.5m  This work will require storage of more Organic material at the very south side of the beach area for hauling away in the spring.  The good sand will be spread on the beach in the spring and will be stored on the north side of the sandy beach area.

SV of Parkland Beach Council and Administration want to extend condolences to the Cole Family with the passing of Lea Cole on January 11, 2021. Lea was an upstanding resident of the community. Lea was a member of the first Council for the Summer Village dating back to June 2, 1984. She then became Mayor in her 2nd term on August 31, 1986. Much of her work on Council formed the cornerstone of this great Summer Village.

Thank you Lea Cole, Rest in Peace.

Reminder to all residents and visitors

The Summer Village of Parkland Beach trail systems are used by residents and visitors every day for pedestrian use. The trails are clearly marked No Motorized Vehicles. Please only use the Village trail system for pedestrian use.

Also, please remember that underage drivers of any off-road vehicles are against the law on public property.