Castawaste is promoting the local residents to purchase a Garbage carts for road side pick up – There are used commercial carts available from $45 – $75.

The carts hold larger amounts for the weekend travelers and the Castawaste truck picks it up and dumps it automatically!

There has been an increased amount of homes putting garbage bags out on the curb – a definite NO-NO folks! In containers only.

Its a WIN-WIN for the Summer Village! Give them a call for immediate availability at
(403) 704-7159

The Summer Village of Parkland Beach Notice of Election

Click here to see candidate information and key election information.

Aspen Development properties on Aspen Lane are now available!

A recent agreement with the original developer has now made the remaining 11 lots available for purchase.

The Summer Village of Parkland Beach is please to actively promote the sale of the remaining available properties.   If you or someone you know are interested in any of these properties, please contact the Village office at 403-843-2055 for further information! 

These properties are available for immediate possession!