Edith Garrett CPA,CMA (retired)

Permanent resident

Owner since 1995

My children consider this their childhood home. They grew up tobogganing on Aspen Rise and swimming in the lake. My friends would come with their children. This was our meeting place. Now my grandkids enjoy the lake.


            Deloitte (International CPA firm) : Senior manager and contractor 30 years

            George  Cuff and Associates (Canada’s Governance zone expert) contracted for 18 years


            Safety on our roadways for all residents.

            Fire safety due to our changing climate and the effect it has in our beautiful   community. What we can do as a community to keep it that way.

            Environmental concerns relating to our water waste management and migration of phosphates through groundwater into the lake and our water wells.

            Initiate a community league to enhance play for both adults and children alike.

            Continue with the present council’s work on the viability of a sports park with shared funding through grants and funding from outside sources.

I love my community and I want it to thrive. We have grown a lot over the last few years and I believe it is time to revisit some of our community needs and desires to focus on a happy thriving safe community for all property owners no matter what the age, through more community involvement by our residents. Please stand up and be heard. Let me be your voice and don’t forget to vote on August 7, 2021.