The information below applies to all residents and visitors to the community.

Please keep our Summer Village an enjoyable retreat for all, by observing the following;

Park Your Vehicle Off-street

Please park your vehicle on the property you are visiting or in the parking lots located at either end of the beach.

The streets of Parkland Beach are narrow, and parking is prohibited on the roadways or in the ditches. The only exception is for passenger vehicles, for up to 72 hours, if the property you are visiting does not have sufficient space for parking. This exception does not include RV’s, trailers, or off-highway vehicles.

RV’s and boat trailers are not permitted in the parking lots at the south (public swimming) beach, but are allowed in the north beach/marina parking area.

The south beach is accessed via Parkland Drive. The north beach, or marina area, is located at the east end of Parkland Beach Road (Township Road 422).

The parking lot at the Summer Village office is reserved for staff and for day-use of the facilities (Parkland Beach Hall, ball diamond, walking trails). No overnight parking.

Dogs May Visit On a Leash, Except at the Public Beach

Parkland Beach offers many trails and open space for leisurely walks with your furry friends. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times (summer & winter) and please pick up after them.

Dogs are not permitted on the public beach (sand area) or in the water in the swimming zone.

Noise Bylaw

Parkland Beach has a Noise Bylaw to control excessive, unreasonable, or disturbing noise; and to ensure the comfort of residents and visitors alike.

Construction or domestic noise (yard care, etc.) is permitted from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Please respect the peace of the community, and report serious infractions to the Summer Village office or the RCMP after hours (403-843-2223).

Firearms and Fireworks

Firearms may not be discharged within the Summer Village of Parkland Beach, except by a law enforcement agency (RCMP), or if specifically authorized by the Summer Village or by the Province of Alberta for control of problem wildlife.

Fireworks may not be used in any of the residential areas, including where RV’s and cabins are located, due to fire hazard and noise concerns.

  • Fireworks are tracked and regulated under the Alberta Fire Code.
  • A Discharge Permit is required to use them in the Summer Village & anywhere in Ponoka County.
  • The Permit is available on the Ponoka County app or website (see Forms / Fire Permit Application).
  • You need permission to use Fireworks on someone else’s land (e.g. a public space like the beach!).
  • Council has approved Permission to discharge Fireworks:
    • On the beach, in the sandy area north of the Volleyball net (away from the playground and main swim beach);
    • For residents/campers at Parkland Beach, Sunnyside, Poulsen’s Pasture, and RV Heaven;
    • With a valid Fireworks Permit from Ponoka County . You will need to provide your address/site # in one of the above locations;
    • Before 11:30 pm; and
    • On the condition that the permit holder clean up all debris after the event.

Garbage Collection Guidelines

Garbage is collected every Monday in front of residential properties. When Monday falls on a holiday, pick up will occur on Tuesday.

All garbage must be placed in covered containers, to prevent intrusion of wildlife, and set out by 7:00 am on collection day.

Four bags of household waste are permitted per property, at a maximum of 50 lbs per bag.

Yard clippings, appliances, chemicals, hazardous waste, and ashes are not accepted, and must be hauled to the Bluffton Landfill.

Please Note: If you are just here for the weekend and will not be present to put the bins away after garbage collection, please place them at the property line alongside the driveway where they can sit safely, without obstructing traffic, until you or the property owner can return and remove them.

Boaters Beware

In Alberta, and other provinces, there are laws in place to protect water bodies from of the infestation of aquatic invasive species such as zebra and quagga mussels.

Observing the rules of Clean, Drain, Dry for all gear and watercraft will help keep our lakes healthy. Instructions, warnings, and tips are available here…

When highway signage indicates that a watercraft inspection station is open, it is mandatory that all carriers of water-based vessels report to the onsite inspectors.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Experience the tranquility of Country Living on the Lake... at the Summer Village of Parkland Beach.