Update re COVID-19

Update re COVID-19


The Summer Village office is now closed to public access as a temporary measure to “Help Prevent the Spread”.

Business will carry on as usual, wherever possible. To submit a permit application, tax payment, or for any other inquiry, please:

  • Email  –  [email protected]
  • Fax  –   888-470-2762
  • Phone  –  403-843-2055, or
  • Use the Mail Drop Box, on the right side of the office front door.

Please consult the Alberta Health Services website for up-to-date information regarding the pandemic.

Though the risk of infection in Alberta is low, all recommended preventative steps are being observed by staff and Council.

Neighbouring communities have also implemented precautionary measures that affect public facilities. Please visit the websites for Town of Ponoka and Town of Rimbey for other local closures and restrictions.


Both the provincial and federal governments have tightened up the restrictions on public movement.  See the links below, and the definitions, for greater clarity on what you should be doing (or not doing).

  • Self-isolation
  • https://www.alberta.ca/self-isolation.aspx
  • physical distancing
  • https://www.alberta.ca/prevent-the-spread.aspx#p25621s3
  • https://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/covid-19-social-distancing-fact-sheet.pdf
  • “isolation” means the separation of a person or animal infected with a communicable disease from other persons or animals in a place and under conditions that will prevent the direct or indirect conveyance of the infectious agent from the infected person or animal to a susceptible person or animal
  • “quarantine” means  (i) in respect of persons or animals, the limitation of freedom of movement and contact with other persons or animals, and  (ii) in respect of premises, the prohibition against or the limitation on entering or leaving the premises,   during the incubation period of the communicable disease in respect of which the quarantine is imposed


A free booklet re coronavirus has been developed for children approx. 7 years and under. It is available below in pdf. It can be saved or printed, and has pages to draw on. The author has provided this as a free resource with the following restrictions: do not add any logo, name, or use for publicity. Do not alter the content.

The link below provides more information on the children’s story, and has access to the booklet in numerous languages.