Parkland Beach – GIS – PROPERTY DETAIL Map

How to use the GIS Map:

When you click the PROPERTY DETAIL MAP link above, the GIS map will open in a new window.

Under the “Map Legend” tab (right side), click on any parcel to find:

  • Civic Address & Legal Description
  • Assessment
  • Tax Roll #
  • Property Size (in Square Feet)
  • Survey Plan details (By selection the Legal Survey Plan Boundary)

Scroll down the same tab and check the “Land Use Bylaw Districts” for Zoning. Check “Total Assessed Value” for an overview of all property values.

Check out the “Base Map”, “Street View”, and “Measure” tabs for other options.

This map is provided for public information only. It does not replace the official Assessment Notice, issued annually to each property owner. Please note the “Terms and Conditions” disclaimer in the map header.

GIS map service is provided by Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS).