PBMA Zoom meeting – Private Marina Discussion – June 7

PBMA Zoom meeting – Private Marina Discussion – June 7


The PBMA would like to invite you to a Zoom Meeting, June 8th at 8 pm.

Unfortunately, at this time an in-person meeting just isn’t an option so we will set up for a Zoom meeting. We are hoping that you will be able to join 😊!

This email is to give you some background on what we are proposing.

Way back in 2017 we formed the Parkland Beach Marina Association, our main goal at that time was to apply for a ‘matching grant’ from the Government of Alberta to help us get a swimming area and a marina area at Parkland Beach, dredged. We had received funding from the County of Ponoka which, if matched would have given us enough monies to have both areas dredged. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the grant; we tried unsuccessfully three times. It was decided at that time to go ahead and do the swimming area dredging at the beach, this was completed this past May.

The docks that Parkland Beach was using for the last 30+ years had become aged, and we felt it was prudent to stop using them. We have not had a Marina for the past two years. To compound the issue the area we used for our marina was becoming more shallow each year as little rain and the ‘pumping’ into Gull Lake had been put on hold due to the Prussian Carp issue.

Last year we began thinking about the possibility of creating a ‘Private Marina’ similar to the one in place at Birch Bay.

So, here are our thoughts about the Private Marina:

  • The first ‘phase’ would be 18 to 20 slips. Numbers would depend on sizing… to accommodate pontoon boats as well.
  • Property owners within the SV of Parkland Beach would have first opportunity to secure a slip. The slip would be ‘attached to the property owner, should the property be sold, the owner would have the option to sell (transfer) the slip to the new owner… or sell it back to the Marina association.
  • There would be an annual (to be determined) fee for each slip, this will help cover maintenance costs etc.
  • At this point in time, we are thinking the initial investment may be $10,000.00 per slip.
    • Current estimate for dredging is $51,000.
    • Current estimate for slips is $94,200. (20 slips)
      • Delivery and Installation not included… without discount cost would be approximately $128,000.
    • No estimate at this time for security fencing.
    • Need to discuss with SV of Parkland Beach where dredged material will be put.

There are many other things that will need to be done; legal contracts, most or all of our current by-laws will have to rewritten. We will need a lot of help; we will need to create some committees to look at different aspects of the project.

So, please join us June 8th at 8 PM… at the following link…

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Meeting ID: 946 0144 5226


Bert Sr.