Snow Removal – Driveway Access

Snow Removal – Driveway Access


Many seasonal property owners come out to enjoy their property in winter, while others fly to warmer climates or close up the RV / Cabin for the season. The snow plough operator sometimes has difficulty guessing which driveways will be used, and those that will not.

If you will be using your driveway over the winter, please notify the Summer Village office by email, phone (403-843-2055), or in person. A list will be compiled, and forwarded to the County. Workers will then endeavour to keep your driveway entrance reasonably clear. You will still be responsible for snow removal beyond the edge of the roadway.

Just note the street address in your message, and simply request “winter driveway access”.  Year-round properties are generally obvious, but we will still include these on the list. Some permanent residents leave the community for a number of weeks or months in winter, and will need access on their return.

Any future or other concerns with road work and snow clearing should be sent to the Summer Village office: attention CAO Kathy Whiteside.