Sports Park Survey Results

Sports Park Survey Results


Thank you to all who participated in the Sports Park Survey. A total of 85 responses were submitted

Here is a compilation of the results:

1. Do you support the concept of a new Sports Park in Parkland Beach?

  • Yes: 79%
  • No: 21 %

2. Would you personally use the proposed facility?

  • Yes: 69%
  • No: 31%

3. Is the proposed location suitable?

  • Yes: 81%
  • No: 19%

4. If you support this project, where do you believe the construction funds should come from?

  • The response suggests support for a mixture of funding sources; with a greater percentage of funds coming from Provincial Grants, and a lesser percentage from Tax Revenue and Local Fundraising.

5. Are there other types of recreation you would like to see in the proposed Sports Park?

  • Tennis was the sport with most ‘votes’
  • Badminton was in second place
  • Outdoor Fitness (recently installed!), Bocci Ball, and Basketball were each given three mentions
  • Fifteen other ideas were brought up once or twice in the responses

6. Other Comments – These were categorized into four “types”

  1. Positive: strong support for the idea and for encouraging an active lifestyle
  2. Negative: other needs within the community are more important and do not raise taxes for the project
  3. Neutral: questions about the location and its proximity to the ball diamond and pathways
  4. Off-Topic: other concerns were mentioned that are not related to the Sports Park, and Council reviewed these as well


As the survey indicated support for this project, Council will move ahead with next steps. These include:

  • Concept Design (what and how to incorporate various sports options into the facility)
  • Cost Estimates (after the design is created)
  • Funding Sources (based on cost estimates)