Friends of the Lakefront

Friends of the Lakefront was formed at the request of the Summer Village of Parkland Beach Council in 2009. The Council requested volunteers form a group to develop and carryout plans for lakefront enhancements to the lakefront. Friends of the Lakefront include residents of Parkland Beach and those located in neighbouring communities.

In August 2010, the Council reviewed and approved the proposed lakefront development plan. To date, highlights from the completed work include replacing the old playground, constructing a new washroom, adding a tot playground, and adding new pathways and walking trails.

Friends of the Lakefront holds monthly meetings at the Parkland Beach Village Office. Participants from the Summer Village and surrounding communities are invited to attend and provide input on future development of the lakefront.

For for more information, please contact:

Paula Wilkins 403-843-8424

Gull Lake Northern Citizens on Patrol

Registered as an Alberta Society in 2003, the Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol is a group of volunteers who patrol at their discretion and serve as the eyes and ears of the RCMP. The group has been effective in reducing acts of break-ins, theft, and vandalism in Gull Lake North, which is comprised of five rural lakeside communities including Parkland Beach.

Members of the Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol Association are volunteer citizens that take an active role to deter and detect crime by patrolling and liaising with their local police agency to ensure safe homes and safe communities. Participation gives members a greater awareness of community issues and concerns and provides opportunities for social activities.

For for more information, please contact:

Doug McNeill 403-843-3316

Westlake Community Society

The Westlake Community Society was registered as a non-profit organization in 2008 and a charity in 2010 with the primary purpose to enhance and maximize enjoyable and creative community opportunities for permanent and seasonal residents living in the northwest corner of Gull Lake. This includes the Summer Village of Parkland Beach, Sunnyside, Poulsen’s Pasture, Poulsen’s Estates, Birch Bay, Birch Meadows, RV Heaven Campground, Parkland Beach Campground, the Sunset Legion Campground, and nearby rural subdivisions with new developments.

Download the Westlake Community Society contact list.

For for more information, please contact:

Westlake Community Society 403-843-2657

Gull Lake Water Front Society

The Gull Lake Water Front Society is a non-profit society committed to helping ensure a strong and sustainable future for Gull Lake. The Gull Lake Water Front Society’s mission is the preservation and enhancement of Gull Lake and the Gull Lake Watershed area. Stewardship of the sensitive Gull Lake watershed is critical for the lake to continue to be a generational asset to central Alberta. The society wishes to see future generations be able to enjoy Gull Lake, and believe their stewardship today is critical to ensuring this happens.

For for more information, please contact:

Gull Lake Stabilization Committee

The Gull Lake Stabilizations Committee is a joint effort between Ponoka County, Lacombe County, Summer Village of Gull Lake, and Summer Village of Parkland Beach. In 2009, communities were alarmed by reports that the province was considering removing a program that had been in place since the 1970s to pump water out of the Blindman River into the Gull Lake during dry spells to preserve the valuable recreational and ecological gem. The province later offered to continue the program if the municipalities paid electricity costs for pumping. Lacombe County oversees the project and the committee meets once a year.

For for more information, please contact:

Keith Boras [email protected]

Take It Off Program

The Take It Off Program is a collaborative initiative between surrounding communities to protect the environment and ensure the safety of everyone using Gull Lake. Anglers are asked to register their ice-fishing huts. Registration is required to identify the owner of an ice hut in the event it is not removed from the ice by the end of the ice fishing season. The program started several years ago on Sylvan Lake, and saw much success.

Registration is free of charge year-round and the process only needs to be completed once. The form can be completed online on the Lacombe County website or by calling the County Office at 403-782-8968.

For for more information, please contact:

Environmental Coordinator, Monica Boudreault [email protected]