Tax Notices & Tax Facts

Tax Notices & Tax Facts


Tax Notice mail date was May 10, 2019.

Taxes are due on June 30, 2019.

Open the “Budget-Tax Facts” document below for a 2-year comparison of the Operating Budget, Tax Rates, and Assessment.

2019-Budget-Tax Facts

Payment may be made:

  • By Cheque, dated and postmarked on or before June 30th, to Summer Village of Parkland Beach, Box 130, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
  • At most financial institutions, in person (with your Tax Notice) or via online banking.


When setting up your Online Banking for tax payment, you may need to add a “zero” before your tax roll to have a 7-digit account number.   e.g. 0374 _ _ _

To request a receipt for your tax payment, enclose a note with your cheque, phone 403-843-2055 or email [email protected]

Penalties on Overdue Taxes:

  • 15% on current tax balance, July 1st
  • 18% on total account balance, January 1st