I am a proud, devoted father and husband to my family. I have been in Parkland Beach for five years now and when I retire it will be my forever home. My love of canoeing, paddle boarding, and pretty well any other outdoor activity you can think of makes Parkland Beach the perfect place for me to be. These activities also help make me a successful, loyal and creative leader. With canoeing you need to be prepared, listen, work as a team and sometimes act fast to avoid a collision. I’m running for councillor so that I can keep myself, family, friends and others up to date on issues and activities within Parkland Beach. With my background in HR, I’ve learned communication is the key to a speedy, successful accomplishment and my motto has and will always be “get ‘er done.” I love working with people to better a community, group, or space and am well-suited to being a summer village councillor.

Everyone has a voice and I vow to represent, take action in response to and listen to your concerns. By doing this, I believe that we can all do our part to either voice our concerns or listen to make our community a better place. Everyone who has made any sort of contribution, whether large or small, is a part of our family, and in this family, nobody is left behind on our journey to a bright and sunny future! So, let’s get ‘er done.