We hope your stay at the Summer Village of Parkland Beach is relaxing. Please help us keep our Summer Village an enjoyable retreat for all by minding the visitor etiquette and the Summer Village bylaws set forth by our small community.

Park Your Vehicle Off-street

The streets of Parkland Beach are narrow. Please park your vehicle on the property you are visiting rather than the street.

Limit Your Group to Only Two RVs Per Site

Please be aware that there is a maximum of two RVs allowed on each lot. If you’re visiting, please coordinate with your company to ensure this maximum is not exceeded.

Keep Your Dog on Leash

Parkland Beach offers lots of space for your furry friend to adventure in. Please consider others when you are out walking your dog by keeping them on leash at all times and picking up after them.

Obey the Noise Bylaws

Our Noise Bylaw states that no person shall make or cause noise that disturbs the quiet and comfort or any other persons in the vicinity. Review the bylaw for restriction of noise hours. This bylaw is in effect during all hours. Please keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Do Not Fire Guns or Set Off Fireworks

As indicated in our bylaws, no fireworks, firecrackers, guns, or firearms of any kind shall be set off within the Summer Village of Parkland Beach unless specifically authorized to do so by the Summer Village or the Province of Alberta.

Review Our Bylaws

It is your responsibility to be aware of the Summer Village bylaws during your stay at Parkland Beach. Please review Parkland Beach’s Bylaws in advance of your visit.

Follow the Garbage Collection Guidelines

Garbage is collected every Monday. When Monday falls on a holiday, collection is done on the following business day. Please ensure that your trash is placed in covered containers and that you do not exceed four bags. Only bagged household waste is accepted.

Please Note: If you are not going to be present to put the bins away after garbage collection, please set them out at the property line where they can sit until the property owner returns to put them away.

Enjoy Your Stay!

The Summer Village of Parkland Beach is pleased to provide both residents and visitor with tranquil country living on the lake. Whether you’re visiting us for a week or a month, Parkland Beach has lots to keep you busy. Take a look at our Recreation page for ways to spend your days during your stay at Parkland Beach.